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If You Think That You Need To Be A Graphic Designer To Produce Mind-Blowing Graphics, You're In For A BIG Shock!

What You Will See On This Page Is Really Going To Open Your Eyes!

Effet de réflexion Graphique d'une photo From the studio of Mario Bruneau

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer

As a professional Webmaster, I've always asked myself how people manage to produce mind blowing graphics so important for Web2.0

The pros use PhotoShop™ to produce eye-catching effects and graphics. But PhotoShop™ is not within reach of most beginners.

It's a program that cost quite a bit and there is a learning curve to it too.

You see, webmasters have to be "jacks of all trades". They need to be able to build web pages, to understand search engine optimization, to be able to do techie things on the "command line" of their web servers, to write web code in PHP and JavaScript.

And they need to be able to tinker with graphics!

Lots of webmasters need to outsource to professional graphists to produce good looking WEB2-0 visual content.

Multimedia in everywhere on the web today and fix graphics is one of them. If you can't yet include some video content into your web pages at this point, it is important that you at least incorporate some good visual graphics. And you can do it cheap and easily.



Introducing :

Graphics Suite Box Cover

The Graphics Suite

At last, you can have at your finger tips some of the cutting edge resources that will let you produce the sort of images which will make your websites and blogs stand out from the crowd.

Graphics from the Web 2-0 generation.

The Graphics Suite is available in two versions:

  • Without resale rights at $27
You can still give it away for free.
  • With resale rights at $37

You can sell it or give it away for free.

Since this software works online, it automatically updates itself without you even noticing anything. You will never need to download anything ever. New bonuses and functionality are added automatically. All you need is a medium speed Internet connection.

Download your copy of The Graphics Suite now for only $27!

OK, so what "tricks" can the Wizard perform? Here's a few of them...

Create Stunning, Unique Badges


Just a few of the badge styles availableThese are very Web 2.0! There's two separate badge creators available, each producing different effects. Basically, you select the shape of badge you want, add the text and a whole load of text effects, change the colors, add peel-away effects and so on.

You're completely in control of the design - and it's all done by filling in boxes, selecting options, using color pickers and the like.

Dead easy. Dead effective! I've done just a few different ones to show you what's possible.



Add Unusual Graphics Effects For Maximum Impact

There's loads of tools to change your existing images. Just upload an image and play around with the different effects. Here's just a few things you can easily do:

Some unusual Effects

* Add neatly rounded corners to square images. Sounds easy, but it's not unless you are a dab-hand with a powerful graphics package.

* Add a stunning reflection. One example is my photo at the top of the page. There's another example on the right (bottom center).

* Produce various distortions to give you some unusual effects

I'm showing you just a few of the effects you can produce with the tools in the Graphics Suite.



Yes, I want to make my life easier, I want the Graphics Suite!


Produce Striking eBook Covers

Everyone knows that any product sold online is going to sell better if there is a graphic of the product on the sales page.

OK, there's plenty of graphic designers out there who can produce an eCover at a reasonable price ($40 - $100). But can you really afford to pay out each time you need an eCover?

The eCover Generator built into the Graphics Suite can turn out good quality eCovers in a minute. Here's what you do:

A few of the many eCovers available

*Pick a template. There's 20 built in and I'm showing you just four of them.

*Pick an image for the front cover. You can either use one of the 9 images provided and add text, or you can upload your own flat cover graphic.

*Pick an image for the side of the eCover. Again, use one of the built-in images or upload your own.

*Hit a button - and out comes your eCover!

It really is that easy.


It is also with The Graphics Suite that I've created this other eBook cover:

Produisez des boîtes et eBook facilement grâce à La Suite Graphique

Image Manipulator

This is probably as close as you'll get to an online "PhotoShop™"! You can create a whole range of stunning effects using images which you upload.

*There's more than 20 special effects (e.g. sepia color it, make a cartoon from it).

Special effects

* Faire de l'argent avec des sites web bien décorésThere's basic tools (crop, rotate, resize).

*You can decorate the image by adding things such as speech and thought bubbles and 11 other tools.

*You can improve the image (smooth, sharpen, fix blemishes)

*You can distort the image (twirl, pinch, stretch etc)

*You can add layers to the image using other images, and you can manipulate the layers just like PhotoShop™

*There's "geeky" tools, such as smart resizing, recolouring, smart cutout (shown below) - and even grab images from your webcam!

Créez des effets de photos avec la Suite Graphique

This is an amazing and easy-to-use collection of image tools.


Coming up next.. Creating...

Create Stunning Banners
A selection of the logo stylesIt really is just as easy to create really stunning banners and logos.

There's over 30 different styles to choose from. I'm showing you just a selection of them here. Here's how hard it is :-)

* Select one of the styles.

* Type in the text you want on the banner, and the font size.

* Select your colours, and within a minute, your beautiful banner will be rendered and all ready for you to download


And there's more! Here's a selection of other graphics tools that you will have at your finger tips:

Post-It Note Creator: Four different templates, nine hand-writing fonts, ability to add a headline and the message in different colours and fonts.

Some of the many other effects and images you can create* Ribbon Ad Creator: There's an example at the top of this page. Choose from 20 different styles, add your message and the font type and colour, click a button, and a bit of code will be generated for you to add to your web page.

* Three different Button Creators - including one which creates "brilliant buttons", tiny buttons which are so popular with bloggers.

* Favicion Creators: Ditch the boring browser icons which appear in the address bar and the favourites list. Create your own and your site will stand out from the crowd (includes an animated favicon creator and a favicon creator which lets you "paint" on the screen)
   Watermark Example

* Image Watermarker: Protect your online images by adding a watermark. It's quick and easy to do, and, although it won't stop everyone from downloading your images, it will make it more difficult for them to use it!

* Stripe Creator: Dazzle your website and blog visitors with these striking and ultra-modern stripe designs. Create your own to blend in with your site's colour scheme.

* Menu Tab Creator: Easily generate those fashionable menu tabs to enhance the navigation on your website.


Full 100% Refund Guaranty!

money back guaranteed

--You have a full 30 days redund Guaranty--


If, at any time in the next 30 days , you are not completely satisfied with the Graphics Suite just ask me, and I will refund you promptly and courteously.

Yes, I know it's insane. Yes, I know that I could get ripped off. But I believe that most people are honest.

If you don't like my software, I don't want your money. And I'll accept your word that you won't use it again after you've had a refund.



Paypal Verified ButtonOk so you're new to Internet Marketing and at this stage of your Internet Marketing adventure, you probably didn't buy nothing over the Internet yet and its normal that you feel a bit uncomfortable about buying over the Internet. Rest assure, thanks to the advances in technology, it is 100% secure to purchase anything over the Internet nowadays.

CyberSucces is an approved Paypal merchant like seen on the seal "Paypal Verified". Paypal is a very serious company and they take it seriously when it comes to choosing their associate merchants. They single check every company that sign up for their merchant services.

As an end user of the Paypal service, you can open up a personal account and your personal information will be kept secret. The merchant won't get your credit card information, only Paypal will. But you can still pay without signing up to a Paypal account just with your favourite credit card.

Go ahead and try it out, it's so easy and you may even make it a habit.


Complete Web And Blog Template Designing

There are two other tools in the Graphics Wizard which let you design your own modern website templates and your own WordPress blog themes.

These are very powerful tools, and although they take a little longer to use than many of the graphics tools in the Wizard, they will each save you time and money.

You get to customize almost every aspect of both the website and the blog design.

Créer un site web est un jeu d'enfant avec La Suite Graphique de Cyber Succès*The website design tool has nearly 20 different base templates, including header graphics. Starting with one of these as a framework, you then select colour schemes, backgrounds, fonts, footers and so on. When you have finished, you download a zip file with the complete website template, including images and cascading style sheet.

*The WordPress blog template design tool starts off with a basic design and you then decide on colour schemes, the column layout and the colours and fonts for each element in the template. When you have finished, you download the whole theme all ready to insert into your WordPress setup.

On the right I show you one site that I have created in under 10 minutes! At this point, as a professional webmaster, I'm wondering what all those years of learning the web site design tools are worth since I too use those templates tools myself! You are lucky to get them right now. To see the site in real scale, just click on the image.

And There Might Be More To Come!

The way that The Graphics Suite was designed means that it can update itself remotely without you having to download anything. Just open up the software (which needs no fancy installation) and any new tools that have been added will be instantly available.

Did I mention bonuses? I nearly forgot!

I've Got Four Great Bonuses For You - Immediately

BonusesInside the software, there is a Bonuses and Resources screen. It is already pre-loaded with the following bonuses, and I might be adding more later. First, I have three of LouisAllport's great video training courses:

Bonus #1: "29 Website Tricks Vol. 1"
There's over two hours of videos here showing you some of the "secret" tricks that webmasters and web designers use. Comes with resale rights and a ready-made website

Bonus #2: "29 Website Tricks Vol 2"
There's over three hours of videos here showing you more of the "secret" tricks that webmasters and web designers use. Comes with resale rights and a ready-made website

Bonus #3: "Mastering Web Graphics"
Over 90 minutes of videos showing you all you need to know about manipulating graphics and making them more effective on your
website. Comes with resale rights and a ready-made website

Bonus Icons

Bonus #4: Huge Icon Collection
And finally, here's over 2000 icons - 4 different sizes - which you can instantly add to your website or your blog.

They're different, they're snazzy and they are eye-catching.

And they are yours to do as you like with them!

There's actually another mystery bonus, but you'll see what that is inside the software!

At last! You will finally be able to create your own buttons, banners, ribbons, badges, websites, etc. With CyberSuccess' Graphics Suite you'll have all the necessary tools to build your original website. Your branding will be reenforced and your online business will take off.

Choose an Option
Use Paypal to download the Graphics Suite


To your cyber success,
Mario Bruneau

signature mb

P.S. At this point in your Internet business, you neither have money to invest or time to learn complicated softwares so, don't waste your time, download the Graphics Suite.

P.P.S. Don't put off until tomorrow, your business need a web site as soon as possible and this Graphics Suite will enable you to do so. Others (competitors) in your domain are probably putting up their web site now.

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